Minutes of the First Meeting of
The Graduate Council 2002-2003

Date and Time:     Thursday, September 5, 2002, at 2:30 p.m.
Place:                     Provost’s Conference Room, 104 Administration
Attendance:           Ronald Anderson (presiding), Roger Barnard, Lora Deahl, 
                               Philip Dennis, Tim Dodd, Fred Hartmeister, Karlene Hoo, 
                               Bill Pasewark, Michael Peters, Rebecca Rickly, Thomas Steinmeier, 
                               and John Stinespring
Ex-officio:              Wendell Aycock, Ralph Ferguson, Ann McGlynn, and Deidre Parish
Guests:                  Donna Rogers 

The Graduate Council Minutes are mailed and e-mailed to all Council members, deans, chairs, and graduate advisors. The minutes will be posted to the Graduate School website.

1. Minutes of the ninth meeting, held on June 27, 2002, were approved with one correction: Kyle Wayne McGregor was admitted to candidacy in Agricultural Education rather than Agricultural Economics.

2. The following students were admitted to candidacy for the doctorate on the recommendation of 
their departments: 

David J. Boyer                                    Educational Leadership
Lark L. Burnham                                Animal Science
Yu-Fang David Chiu                           Industrial Engineering
James Scott Crew                               Fine Arts Interdisciplinary-Theatre Arts
Kathleen Ann Ellis                               Higher Education
Anny Flory                                         Chemical Engineering
August M. Fons                                  Higher Education
Justin Finis Gleghorn                           Animal Science
Gina Jarman                                       Food and Nutrition
Jeannine Ferne Hurst                          Curriculum and Instruction
Douglas Wayne Langehennig              Curriculum and Instruction
Ming-hui Li                                        Counselor Education
Kevin McBride                                  Animal Science
Audra Morse                                     Civil Engineering
Jose Fernando Olascoaga                  Land-Use Planning and Design
Gerald Ornas                                     Mathematics
Leticia Pacheco                                  Industrial Engineering
Brent James Racher                            Range Science
Karl Eric Rubrecht                             Fine Arts Interdisciplinary-Music
Emily Alayne Young                           Clinical Psychology

3. Academic Requests

a. Approved Course Additions and Changes

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
PSS 5317 Advanced Nursery Management (change in hours from 3:2:3 to 3:3:0) 
PSS 6424 Molecular Genetics and Plant Genomics (change in hours from 3:3:0 to 4:3:2)

College of Education
EDLL 5341 Literacy in Secondary Content Area Classrooms (3:3:0) (Addition)
EDLL 5353 Reading and the Middle Level Student (3:3:0) (Addition)
EDCI 5380 Action Research I (3:3:0) (Addition)
EDCI 5381 Action Research II (3:3:0) (Addition)

College of Engineering
Ch E 5344 Polymers and Materials Laboratory (3:2:3) (Addition)
Ch E 5363 Biochemical Engineering (3:3:0) (Addition)
PETR 5301 Teaching Experience in Petroleum Engineering (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5302 Petroleum Environmental Engineering (3:3:0) (addition) 
PETR 5312 Simulation of EOR Applications (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5314 Nodal Analysis & Well Optimization (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5315 Horizontal Well Technology (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5316 Advanced Production Engineering (3:3:0) (addition) 
PETR 5317 Well Completion & Stimulation (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5318 Gas Production Engineering (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5319 Multiphase Fluid Flow in Pipes (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5320 Advanced Reservoir Engineering (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5321 Fluid Flow in Porous Media (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5322 Computational Phase Behavior (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5323 Advanced Phase Behavior (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5324 Geostatistics for Reservoir Engineers (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5325 Water Flooding Techniques (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5326 Miscible Flooding Techniques (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5327 Streamline Simulation (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5328 Advanced Property Evaluation (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5329 Advanced Core Analysis (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5380 Drilling Engineering Methods (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5381 Production Engineering Methods (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5382 Well Logging Fundamentals (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5383 Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 5384 Basic Fluids & Rock Properties (3:3:0) (Addition) 
PETR 6331 Proposal/Project Communication (3:3:0) (Addition) 

College of Human Sciences
CEED 5362 Asset management I (3:3:0) (Addition)
CEED 5372 Asset Management II (3:3:0) (Change in title from Family Asset Management & Allocation; change in prerequisite)
CEED 5380 Contemporary Issues in Personal Financial Planning (3:3:0) (Addition)
CEED 5394 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits (3:3:0) (Change in title from Advanced Family Retirement Planning; change in prerequisite)
CEED 5396 Asset Management III (3:3:0) (Addition)
CEED 5397 Life Insurance Planning (3:3:0) (Addition)
CEED 6383 Regulatory Policy (3:3:0) (Change in title from Housing Policy; change in course number from 5383; change in description)

4. Graduate Faculty

a. Graduate Council considered and approved 50 applicants for Graduate Faculty. The new members are:

Amma Akrofi                             (Curriculum & Instruction) (Visiting)
Connie Anderson                       (Curriculum and Instruction)
Judith Atcheson                         (Curriculum and Instruction) (Visiting)
Jack A. Barnes                          (Computer Science) 
Roy A. Bean                              (Human Development and Family Studies)
Alfredo Benavides                      (Curriculum and Instruction) 
Berta Bermudez                         (Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures)
Maria Bermudez                        (Human Development and Family Studies)
Andrea Bilkey                            (Theatre Arts)
John (Jack) W. Cooney, Jr.        (Finance)
Ken B. Cyree                            (Finance)
Lenore Dai                                (Chemical Engineering) 
Jason Denton                             (Computer Science) 
D. Clark Dickin                         (Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences)
Matthew Gallegos                      (Architecture)
William Gelber                           (Theatre Arts)
Valentina N. Glajar                    (Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures)
Doug Hamman                          (Curriculum and Instruction)
Erin E. Hardin                           (Psychology)
William F. Harlow                     (Communication Studies)
J. Duane Hoover                       (Management) (Visiting)
Thomas Knight                          (Agricultural and Applied Economics)
Antonio C. Ladeira                    (Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures)
Jeff Larsen                                 (Psychology)
Mellinee Lesley                          (Curriculum & Instruction)
Ka-Cheong Leung                     (Computer Science)
Edward L. McCombs                (Industrial Engineering)
Jeffrey M. Mercer                      (Finance)
Eva Midobuche                         (Curriculum and Instruction)
Gary Miller                                (Mass Communications)
Elliot Montes                             (Industrial Engineering)
Susan Myers                             (Curriculum & Instruction)
William E. Pinchak                    (Animal and Food Sciences) (Adjunct)
Narissra M. Punyanunt              (Communication Studies)
Roderick M. Rejesus                (Agricultural and Applied Economics)
Robert C. Rittenhouse               (Computer Science) (Adjunct)
Iris V. Rivero                            (Industrial Engineering)
Joseph Nelson Rushton             (Computer Science)
Juliann C. Scholl                       (Communication Studies)
Rosa Hernandez Sheets            (Curriculum and Instruction)
Eonsuk Shin                             (Computer Science)
Douglas Simpson                      (Curriculum and Instruction)
Bryan Smith                             (Curriculum & Instruction) (Visiting)
Michael Sobolewski                 (Computer Science)
Karen McNamara Spears        (Curriculum & Instruction) (Visiting)
Jennifer E. Sunseri                    (Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures)
J. Q. Warnick                          (Mass Communications) (Adjunct)
Kathryn Wetzel                        (Industrial Engineering) (Visiting)
Robert Wright                          (Plant & Soil Science)
Robert L. Young                      (Computer Science) 

5. GPSGA Report – Deidre Parish thanked those who attended the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association Bash, held on August 22, 2002. Attendance was approximately 125, with a variety of disciplines represented. Dean Anderson and Vice President Sweazy spoke and positive comments were received.

Upcoming events sponsored by the GPSGA include:

Thesis & Dissertation Seminar
Thursday, Sept. 12, 11:30 to 1:30
Matador Room in the Student Union; bring your own lunch, cookies and punch provided.

Multicultural Orientation Bash
Friday, Sept. 13, 6:00 to 8:00
Banquet Room in Student Union Ballroom; reception table with Donna Rogers

First Congressional Meeting
Wednesday, Sept. 18, 5:00 to 6:00
Matador Room in Student Union Ballroom

The GPSGA is working with the Student Government Association in several joint activities. 

6. Donna Rogers, Coordinator of College Development, invited the Graduate Council to attend the Fellowship Reception, which will be held on Thursday, September 26, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in the Merket Alumni Center. The Graduate School received $100,000 to add to the existing $1 million Helen DeVitt Jones Graduate Fellowship. Amy Fox, Wendell Aycock, and Eduardo Agaton (Waterman Scholarship Recipient) recently visited with Mr. Waterman to thank him for establishing the Waterman Scholarship and to give him the opportunity to meet a fellowship recipient.

7. Announcements – 
a. Dr. Ann McGlynn will join the Graduate School on September 16, 2002, as the new Assistant Academic Dean for Admissions and Recruitment. Ann received a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Texas Tech University in 1998. She has been employed by the Lubbock State School since 1981 and has served as Chief Psychologist since 1998. She serves as a consultant to the statewide MHMR Institution Review Board Committee; a member or the Behavioral Services Planning Committee for the State of Texas; is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Science, TTUHSC; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, TTU; and a member of the Institutional Review Board, TTUHSC, among many local and statewide committee memberships.

b. Peggy Edmonson, Senior Administrative Assistant, retired from the Graduate School after 18 years of service. Gloria McNeme, former Academic Program Advisor, was chosen to fill the position of Senior Administrative Assistant. The search for a new Academic Program Advisor has begun. 

c. The Coordinating Board approved and authorized the request from Texas Tech University to implement the following:
i. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree with major in Hospitality Administration. 
ii. Master of Science in Biological Informatics
iii. International Master of Business Administration in International Business Administration

d. The 2002-2003 Graduate Council and sub-committee appointments are attached. 

e. A Graduate Advisors' Round Table has been scheduled for October 1 (3:30-4:30) and October 2 (3:00-4:00) in Holden Hall room 129.

f. Fall Graduate Enrollment at Regional Centers
i. Amarillo Campus, 27 students, 53 course enrollments
ii. Abilene Campus, 14 students, 39 course enrollments
iii. Hill Country, 26 students, 46 course enrollments

g. Texas Tech University Graduate Enrollment as of 9/4/02 was 4,113. The percentage increase in specific ethnic groups are as follows: American Indian-11.8%; Asian-American-9.8%; African-American-10.6%; Hispanic-10%; and International-16.3%.

h. The Coordinating Board has ruled that the 99-Hour Rule clock restarts when a student pursues a second doctoral degree. 

i. Please see the attached Graduate Admissions Report and GRE information.

8. Other Business

a. The Graduate Council discussed a case that took place in California, Brown vs. Santa Barbara, in which a Graduate Student added a “disacknowledgement” page to his thesis after his thesis committee had approved it. Apart from the fact that the “disacknowledgements” contained profane language, the addition of pages after the committee has approved the thesis does not follow academic procedure and the addition fell short of the standards of professional publication in the field. 

b. The Graduate School expresses appreciation to the Graduate Dean’s Representatives who served September 1, 2001 through August 31, 2002. Please see the attached list. 

The meeting adjourned at 3:27 p.m.

The second meeting of the 2002-2003 Graduate Council will be held at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, October 3, 2002, in the Provost’s Conference Room, 104 Administration.