Minutes of the Ninth Meeting of
The Graduate Council 2001-2002

Date and Time:     Thursday, June 27, 2002, at 2:30 p.m.
Place:                    Room 129, Holden Hall
Attendance:          Ronald Anderson (presiding), Bryce Conrad, Lora Deahl, Philip Dennis, 
                              Tim Dodd, and Karlene Hoo
Ex-officio:             Wendell Aycock, Ralph Ferguson, Liz Hall, and Deidre Parish
Guests:                 Roger Barnard, Brent Cejda, Amy Fox, Pam Johnson, Elizabeth Louden, 
                              and Donna Rogers 

The Graduate Council Minutes are mailed and e-mailed to all Council members, deans, chairs, and graduate advisors. The minutes will be posted to the Graduate School website www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool 

1. Minutes of the eighth meeting, held on May 2, 2002, were approved as distributed.

2. The following students were admitted to candidacy for the doctorate on the recommendation of their departments. 

Omar Mohamed Mansour Alzoubi                             Economics
Nadine L. Bartsch                                                      Counseling Psychology
Cynthia Ann Casparis                                                Higher Education
Joyce Centofanti                                                        Fine Arts – Art
Hui-Hui Chen                                                            Instructional Technology
James Donald Clifton                                                Higher Education
Darla Rachelle Daniel                                               Food and Nutrition
Mohamed Ali Ali Farag                                            Chemistry
Jerald Carter Foote                                                    Food and Nutrition
Joe Charles Harrison                                                 Educational Leadership
Eric Wayne Holder                                                    Experimental Psychology
Kristi Deon Jarman                                                    Mathematics
Kyoo Dong Jo                                                            Chemistry
Fang-Yi Lin                                                               Family and Consumer Sciences Education
Brent DeWitt Lynn                                                     English
Donna Michelle Maher                                              Fine Arts – Music
Cynthia Martin                                                           Mathematics
Kyle Wayne McGregor                                             Agricultural Education
Dora Lira Salazar                                                      Curriculum and Instruction
Howard F. Vogel                                                       Chemistry
Susan Elizabeth Watson                                             Agricultural Economics
Raymond R. Wells                                                     Curriculum and Instruction
James Arn Womble                                                    Civil Engineering
Gilberto Zamora                                                         Electrical Engineering
Chun Zhou                                                                   Chemistry

3. Academic Requests

a. Approved Course Additions and Changes

College of Arts and Sciences
JOUR 5314 Editorial and Specialty Reporting (3:3:0)(deletion)
JOUR 5315 Special Topics in Journalism (3:3:0)(addition)
JOUR 5316 Science and Technology Reporting (3:3:0) (deletion)
JOUR 5370 Public Affairs Reporting (3:3:0)(deletion)
MCOM 5378 Electronic Information Retrieval and Dissemination (3:3:0) (deletion)
MCOM 6330 Seminar in Media and Sport (3:3:0) (addition)
P R 5340 Foundations of Public Relations (3:3:0) (addition)

College of Engineering
IE 5318 Operations Research Modeling with Spreadsheets (3:3:0) (addition)
IE 5329 Project Management (3:3:0) (addition)
IE 6323 Systems Management Global Environment (3:3:0) (addition)
IE 6329 Systems Management Seminar (3:3:0) (addition)
ME 5345 Computational Mechanics I (3:3:0) (change in title from Finite Elements Analysis; change in prerequisite and description)
ME 5346 Computational Mechanics II (3:3:0) (addition)
ME 5347 Phase Transformation I (3:3:0) (addition) 
ME 5348 Phase Transformation II (3:3:0) (addition)

4. Graduate Faculty

a. Graduate Council considered and approved 17 applicants for Graduate Faculty. The new members are:

Jinhee Choi                                 (Philosophy) (Visiting)
Nancy Cochran                           (Music) 
Mihaela Fistioc                          (Philosophy) (Visiting)
Richard Gale                              (Electrical & Computer Engineering) 
Janice N. Killian                        (Music) 
Douglas Kutach                          (Philosophy) 
Ki Young Lee                             (Electrical & Computer Engineering) (Visiting)
SunHo Lee                                 (Electrical & Computer Engineering) (Adjunct)
Robert McDonald                      (Marketing) 
Mara Neusel                              (Mathematics & Statistics) 
Brian S. Nutter                           (Electrical & Computer Engineering) 
Valerie O. Paton                        (Educational Psychology & Leadership) (Adjunct)
Christopher M. Smith                 (Music) 
Peter Soliz                                 (Electrical & Computer Engineering) (Adjunct)
Tara Stevens                              (Educational Psychology & Leadership) 
Jennifer A. Wilhelm                  (Curriculum & Instruction)
Bruce Wood                              (Music) 

b. One Graduate Faculty member from Economics and Geography was reappointed to a six-year term. 

5. GPSGA Report - The new officers of the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association are Deidre Parish, President; Patricia Herrera, Vice President; Risť Lara, Secretary; and Veronica Villarreal, Treasurer. The officers are currently planning for fall orientation. They are also focusing on promoting the GPSGA to the campus and are eager to enlarge the number of participating graduate students. 

6. Donna Rogers, Coordinator of College Development and Amy Fox, Senior Development Officer, are working with the Office of Community and Multicultural Affairs to promote this year’s Multicultural reception, which is planned for September 13 in the Student Union Building Ballroom. New graduate students, undergraduates, transfer students, and community members are invited. Amy reported that they are still working on the Montford Match. A group meeting was held with the Chancellor's office to keep everyone motivated for fundraising until the next Capital Campaign. 

7. Announcements - Graduate Council elections are final. The new members whose terms begin on September 1, 2002, are: Becky Rickly, Humanities; Roger Barnard, Sciences and Mathematics; and Bill Pasewark, Business Administration. A certificate was presented to Dr. Bryce Conrad, whose term will end on August 31, 2002. Others whose terms are ending on August 31 are Marilyn Houck, Shelby Hunt, and Elizabeth Watts. Andy Herring has taken a position at Texas A & M and Cary Green will complete his term on the Graduate Council.

8. Other Business

a. The attached Summer I Official Enrollment chart reflects a 17% increase in Graduate Student enrollment this summer over last summer. An additional chart reflects the trend we have had in cost for Graduate Students.

b. On May 29, 2002, the Graduate School offered two sessions of a special symposium or workshop for students in various stages of writing theses or dissertations. The purpose of these two sessions was to encourage, enable, and inform the students about the challenges involved in the process of writing theses and dissertations. The sessions involved the following components: 1) An address by Dr. Thomas Darwin, University of Texas, entitled “Writing the Dissertation or Thesis as a Creative Venture,” following by a question and answer period; 2) A panel discussion by four Texas Tech Professors on the general topic of writing the thesis or dissertation, once again followed by a question and answer period; 3) Small group discussions, each led by one of the Texas Tech faculty members, with random visits by Dr. Darwin. Seventy-five students called and signed up to attend the symposium. Approximately 62 attended both sessions. Of this number 40 students submitted the evaluation forms. The responses in general were more than positive, and quite a few of the students observed that the Graduate School should offer the program again. Students seemed to feel that this sort of service by the Graduate School was very valuable. One student observed: “Excellent way of letting us know that we are not alone in the process. Thank you.” 

c. The agenda for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Meeting scheduled for July 18-19, 2002, includes Texas Tech University’s Doctor of Philosophy degree with major in Hospitality Management.

d. Ralph Ferguson attended the Council of Historically Black Graduate Schools Annual Meeting on June 13-16. Texas Tech University is interested in developing a bridge relationship with these schools. Dean Ferguson will distribute additional information to the Graduate Advisors in the near future.

e. The attached Graduate Admissions Report reflects admission statistics for 2001-2002 and the percentage of change that occurred. 

f. The Graduate School reports that the number of students graduating in August 2002 is about the same as last year.

g. Applications are being received and screened for the Assistant Academic Dean position that is open in the Graduate School. 

h. A statement from Barbi Dickensheet, Thesis/Dissertation Coordinator was read: “I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the graduate faculty members who have served as Dean’s Representatives this past year, especially this summer. I would like to thank the committee chairpersons who made suggestions for possible representatives. Without their help, my job would have been impossible.”

The first meeting of the 2002-2003 Graduate Council will be held at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, September 5, 2002, in the Provost’s Conference Room, 104 Administration.