Minutes of the Eighth Meeting of
The Graduate Council 2001-2002

Date and Time:    Thursday, May 2, 2002, at 2:30 p.m.
Place:                    Provost's Conference Room, 104 Administration
Attendance:          Ronald Anderson (presiding), Bryce Conrad, Lora Deahl, Philip Dennis,
                              Tim Dodd, Fred Hartmeister, Marilyn Houck, and John Stinespring
Ex-officio:            Wendell Aycock, Ralph Ferguson, Liz Hall, and Joe Imamura
Guests:                 Don Clancy, Dale Duhan, Amy Fox, Jeffrey Harper,
                               Deidre Parish, and Carleton Phillips

The Graduate Council Minutes are mailed and e-mailed to all Council members, deans, chairs, and graduate advisors. The minutes will be posted to the Graduate School website www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool

1.   Minutes of the seventh meeting, held on April 4, 2002, were approved as distributed.

2.   The following students were admitted to candidacy for the doctorate on the recommendation of 
their departments. 

Galen Pat Austin                     Animal Science
Robert Christopher Fink          History
Wanda Goleman                     Biological Sciences
Jonathan Davis Hood              History
Delano K. Kahlstorf                Fine Arts - Music
Norma Sofia Kaus                  CMLL-Spanish
JoAnn Tyndall Larsen             Educational Psychology and Leadership
Gina Mercedes Lister             Educational Psychology and Leadership
Andrea McCourt-Dolven       Human Development and Family Studies 
Cara Flynn Pollard                 Music Performance
Juli DAnn Ratheal                   Higher Education
Bradley Edward Schultz         Land Use Planning, Management and Design
Jayme Nicole Stednitz            Clinical Psychology
Patrick Allen White                Fine Arts - Theatre Arts
Elizabeth G. Wintour              Fine Arts - Theatre Arts
Shelley Wright                       Curriculum and Instruction

3.   Academic Requests

a. Approved Course Additions and Changes

College of Arts and Sciences
PHIL 5350 Seminar in Teaching Philosophy (3:3:0) (addition)
PSY 5357 Seminar in Psycholinguistics (3:3:0) (change in title from Seminar in the Psychology of Reading) and description
PSY 5398 Ethnic Minority & Community Interventions (3:3:0) (addition)

College of Business Administration
MGT 6305 Individual Study in Management (3:0:0) (addition)
MGT 6315 Current Management Issues (3:0:0) (addition)

College of Human Sciences
F&N 5303 Community Nutrition (3:3:0) (addition)
F&N 5304 Medical Nutrition Therapy I (3:3:0) (addition)
F&N 5305 Medical Nutrition Therapy II (3:3:0) (addition)
F&N 5306 Experimental Methods with Foods (3:2:3) (addition)
F&N 5307 Emerging Issues in Food and Nutrition (3:3:0) (addition)
F&N 5308 Cultural Aspects of Food (3:3:0) (addition)

b. Graduate Council approved a proposal for an International MBA program.

c. Graduate Council approved a proposal for a Master of Science in Biological Informatics.

d. Graduate Council approved a proposal for a Cooperative Agreement for Master of Arts degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice with West Texas A&M University.

4.   Graduate Faculty

a. Graduate Council considered and approved 5 applicants for Graduate Faculty. The new members are:

Arne Ledet                          (Mathematics & Statistics)
Angela Mariani                    (Music) (Visiting)
Robert W. Smithee              (BA-Management) (Adjunct)
Kevin A. Wass                    (Music) 
Jon D. Wink                        (Art) 

b. Graduate Faculty from Economics and Geography and the School of Music were considered for reappointment. All were approved to six-year terms. Graduate Faculty from Physics were considered for reappointment. Fifteen were approved to six-year terms and two were approved for three-years terms.

5.   GPSGA Report

a. Joe Imamura introduced Deidre Parish, the new president of the Graduate and Professional Student Government Association.

b. The GPSGA along with the Texas Tech University Graduate School and the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center hosted the First Annual Research Poster Presentation Friday, April 5, 2002, in the TLTC. Winners of the poster session from Biological and Life Science were Jeff Wickliffe, first place and William D. Melvin, second place. Winners from Physical Science and Engineering were Yong Zheng, first place and Daguang Zheng, second place. Lastly, winners from Psychology and Social Science were Scott R. Mooney, first place and Alper Altinanahtar, Allison Boroda and Staci L. Schulz tied for second place.

c. The new GPSGA officers took office on Wednesday, May 8, 2002.

6.   Announcements

a. The Annual Outstanding Graduate Part-Time Instructors award ceremony was held on Tuesday, April 23. Awardees were: Khalid Al-Hmoud, Economics and Geography; James Scott Crew, Theatre and Dance; Bill Decker, Political Science; Karen Keck, English; Andrea Dolven McCourt, Human Development and Family Studies; Channa Navaratna, Mathematics and Statistics; Tracy Rutledge, Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures; Todd Walker, History.

b. Please see the Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees, and Assistants, which is attached and can be accessed at www.cgsnet.org/pdf/resolution.pdf  We are reminded that acceptances and offers prior to April 15 are not binding, provided a written resignation is received by April 15. After April 15, students are required to get a written release from the department.

c. Amy Fox, Senior Development Officer, reported that all the Montford Match funds have been matched for scholarships.

d. The Graduate School will host a Thesis/Dissertation Workshop presented by Tommy Darwin from the University of Texas on Wednesday, May 29, 2002. 

The ninth meeting of the 2001-2002 Graduate Council will be held at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, June 27, 2002, in 129 Holden Hall.