Minutes of the Eighth Meeting of
The Graduate Council 2002-2003

Date and Time:           Thursday, May 1, 2003, at 2:30 p.m.

Place:                           Provost’s Conference Room, 104 Administration

Attendance:                Ronald Anderson (presiding), Roger Barnard, Lora Deahl, Phil Dennis, Tim Dodd, Cary Green, Fred Hartmeister, Karlene Hoo, William Maki, Bill Pasewark, Michael Peters, and John Stinespring

                                    Ex-officio:  Wendell Aycock, Ralph Ferguson, Ann McGlynn, Liz Hall, and Deidre Parish

Guests:  Amy Fox, Peggy Johnson, Marlene Kenady, Dustin McAfee, Donna Rogers, Gerald Skoog, and Brian Steel


The Graduate Council Minutes are distributed to the Graduate Council and are posted to the Graduate School website.


        1.    Minutes of the seventh meeting, held on April 3, 2003, were approved as distributed.


        2.    The following students were admitted to candidacy for the doctorate on the

                recommendation of their departments:


                       Armando Arciniega (Mathematics)

                       William David Becker (Agronomy)

                Mickey D. Best (Fine Arts – Theatre)

                Jeffrey Ludwig Boss (Instructional Technology)

                James Harold Campbell (Biology)

                Lloyd Steve Chambers (Higher Education)

                Vickie Fix-Turkowski (Educational Leadership)

                Mark Frandsen (Fine Arts – Music)

                Srinivas Gampala (Biology)

                Anna En-chi Ho (Music – Performance)

                Pearl Merritt (Higher Education)

                Victor Naranjo (Music – Performance)

                Channa Navaratna (Mathematics)

                Pantaleon Perera (Mathematics)

                Alan Peters (Agronomy)

                Jeffrey Howard Rhodes (Higher Education)

                Irma Sanchez (Higher Education)

                Kenneth Wayne Schuepbach (Higher Education)

                Heather Ann Vartorella (Animal Science)

                Chun-Hsien Su (Electrical Engineering)

                Qiumei Zeng (Chemical Engineering)


        3.    Academic Requests:


    1. A proposal from the College of Visual and Performing Arts to replace the GRE requirement in the performance-based programs in Music (including Performance, Conducting, Composition, and Piano Pedagogy)(MM, DMA), and in Art (MFA), was approved following a presentation by Dr. Brian Steele, Associate Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts.


    1. A proposal to replace the Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a Ph.D., was approved.  The approval followed a presentation by Dr. Peggy Johnson, Chair of Curriculum and Instruction,  and Dr. Gerald Skoog, Dean of the College of Education, who led a discussion of the distinctions between the Ed.D. and Ph.D.

4.   Graduate Faculty:

a.                     a.    Graduate Council considered and approved 6 applicants for Graduate Faculty.  The new members



                   Dakshina DeSilva (Economics and Geography)

                   Waylon V. House (Petroleum Engineering)

                   Keith S. Jones (Psychology)

                   Christopher Monico (Mathematics and Statistics)

                   Victor Patrangenaru (Mathematics and Statistics)

                   Brent Reeves (Computer Science) (Adjunct)


b.                      b.   Graduate Faculty from the College of Architecture were considered for reappointment.

                               Seventeen were reappointed to six-year terms and two were appointed to three-year provisional


                         c.   Graduate Faculty from Landscape Architecture were considered for reappointment.  All were

                               reappointed to six-year terms.

                         d.    The Chemistry Graduate Faculty review continued with the discussion of one member’s

                                credentials. A recommendation by the Graduate Faculty Committee to grant a three-year

                                provisional term was approved.


        5.    The Development Office is receiving thank-you notes from fellowship recipients, which will be hand-  

               delivered to the donors.


        6.    Deidre Parish, GPSGA President, who will graduate this month, introduced Dustin McAfee, the new

               president for the academic year 2003-2004.  Dustin is in the Masters’ program in Public Administration

               and holds a teaching assistantship in Political Science.  The other new officers are: Catherine Polydore,

               Vice President; Kelly Jones, Treasurer; and Adrienne Foose, Secretary.


    1. The annual Graduate Part-time Instructor (GPTI) Award ceremony was held on Wednesday, April 16.  The ceremony included induction of GPSGA officers, recognition of the TEACH fellows, and presentation of awards for the Annual Research Competition.  The event was well attended and good feed back was received.

    2. Overview of the past year:

                                                         i.    The GPSGA has given $20,000 in student grants for recruitment and retention.

                                                         ii.    The number of Graduate Student Organizations supported by the GPSGA has grown from 10-18.

                                                         iii.   Subsidized childcare sponsored by the GPSGA is a success with fourteen children enrolled.


        7.    Admissions Report:


    1. TOEFL Alternative – A preliminary proposal from the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) concerning two alternatives for accessing the English language proficiency of international students was presented.  Several members of this consortium are using these alternatives.  Texas Tech is a member of this consortium, and this proposal will be considered at the next Graduate Council meeting.

    2. Because of the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS, students in China are temporarily unable to take three exams commonly used for evaluating applicants to American colleges and universities, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) will not offer the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Test of Spoken English (TSE), or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), in China until further notice.


8.         8.   Announcements:


a.                   a.    Graduation will be May 17.  The times are as follows:  9:00 a.m. (Architecture, Engineering, Visual

                             and Performing Arts, and Arts and Sciences) and 1:30 p.m. (Human Sciences, Agricultural Sciences

                             and Natural Resources, Business Administration, and Education)

b.                   b.    The summer Graduate Council meeting will be in 129 Holden Hall at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June

                             24, 2003.

c.                    c.   The Academic Program Committee will meet concerning the GPIDEA Proposal in Gerontology,

                             which will be presented at the summer Graduate Council meeting.

d.                   d.    A screening committee has been appointed and applications are being received for the next Graduate

                             Dean.  The Graduate Dean currently reports to the Vice President for Research, Graduate Studies

                             and Technology Transfer.  However, the new dean will report to the Provost.


9.         9.   Other Business


                        a.   Following the Graduate Council meeting, the members gave a surprise reception to Ronald M.

                       Anderson, who will retire as Graduate Dean on May 31, 2003.  Dean Anderson has done

                       an exemplary job presiding over the Graduate Council meetings since the summer of 1999, and

                       will be missed.  The Graduate Council wishes him an enjoyable, well-deserved retirement.


The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.