Minutes of the Seventh Meeting of
The Graduate Council 2002-2003

Date and Time:     Thursday, April 3, 2003, at 2:30 p.m.
Place:                     Provost’s Conference Room, 104        Administration
Attendance:           Ronald Anderson (presiding), Roger Barnard,

                               Lora Deahl, Phil Dennis, Cary Green,

                               Fred Hartmeister, Karlene Hoo, William Maki,

                               Bill Pasewark, Becky Rickly, and John Stinespring
Ex-officio:              Ralph Ferguson, Ann McGlynn, Liz Hall, and

                               Deidre Parish
Guests:                  Jacque Cyrus and Oscar Solis

The Graduate Council Minutes will be distributed to the Graduate Council and will be posted to the Graduate School website.

1. Minutes of the sixth meeting, held on March 6, 2003, were approved

    with one correction: The correct title of the deleted course PHOT 5310

    is Seminar in Contemporary Issues in Visual Communications. 

2. The following students were admitted to candidacy for the doctorate

    on the recommendation of their departments: 

Rick Abbey--------------------------------Clinical Psychology
Malathi Apparala-------Human Development & Family Studies
Talah Arabiyat--------------------------------------Economics
Kimberly Kay Bouldin----------------------------------Physics
William G. Bulls------------------------------Fine Arts – Music
Xupeng Chen-------------------------------------------Physics
Jo Beth Desoto------------------------------Special Education
Sheryl Mahon-----------Human Development & Family Studies
Overton L. Parish, IV------------------Mechanical Engineering
Phillip R. Pearson-----------------------------Civil Engineering
Supphasak Phonganant-------------------Industrial Engineering
Jennifer Rigsby-----------------------------Clinical Psychology
Terry W. Rodgers----------------------Educational Leadership
Sandy Soenning----------------------------Clinical Psychology
Zhenhua Tian-----------------------------Chemical Engineering
Debjani Tripathy---------------------------------------Biology
Hsi-Chih Wang------------------------Instructional Technology
Wendy Watson---------Human Development & Family Studies

3. Academic Requests:

  1. Approved Course Additions and Changes

Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences
ESS 5308 Physiology of Exercise (3:3:0) (deletion)
ESS 5311 Stress Management and Cardiac Disease (3:3:0) (deletion)
ESS 5331 Research in Sports Health (3:3:0) (deletion)
ESS 5333 Administration of Sports Health Programs (3:3:0) (deletion)
ESS 5335 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology (3:3:0) (addition)
ESS 5336 Skeletal Muscle Physiology (3:3:0) (addition)
ESS 5338 Cardiac Rehabilitation (3:3:0) (deletion)
ESS 5339 Laboratory Techniques in Exercise Physiology (3:3:0) (addition)

HIST 5310 Studies in American Cultural and Intellectual History (3:3:0) (addition)
HIST 5339 Studies in Ancient Greek History (3:3:0) (addition)
HIST 5340 Studies in Ancient Roman History (3:3:0) (change in title from Studies in Ancient History; change in description)
HIST 6301 Research Methods Seminar (3:3:0) (addition)

Curriculum and Instruction
EDSE 5377 Science Curriculum & Instruction (3:3:0) (addition)

Mechanical Engineering
ME 5349 Nonlinear Mechanics of Materials (3:3:0) (addition)

VPA 5300 Topics in Visual and Performing Arts (3:3:0) (addition)

  1. The Graduate Council approved a BA/MA 150-hour program in Political Science.
  2. A proposal from the College of Visual and Performing Arts to eliminate the GRE requirement for certain programs was given to the Graduate Council. The Academic Program Committee met to discuss this proposal on March 31 and will meet again on April 17. The recommendation of the committee will be presented to the Graduate Council on May 1.

4. Graduate Faculty:

  1. Graduate Council considered and approved 6 applicants for Graduate Faculty. The new members are:

Andrew Budek (Civil Engineering) 
Jerry Dwyer (Mathematics and Statistics) 
Sandro Manservisi (Mathematics and Statistics) 
Raimund McClain (Architecture) (VISITING)
Seulhee "Lori" Yoo (Merchandising, Environmental Design, and Consumer Economics) 
Kristina H. Yu (Architecture) (VISITING)

  1. Graduate Faculty from Civil Engineering were considered for reappointment. All were reappointed to six-year terms.
  2. The Chemistry Graduate Faculty review continues with the discussion of one member’s credentials. A decision was tabled pending receipt of additional information.
  3. The Graduate Council approved a change in the Graduate Faculty criteria for the department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures. The revised criterion is on file in the Graduate School. 

5. GPSGA Report:

  1. Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation week will be April 7-11. A reception for all graduate and professional students and the last congress meeting of the fiscal year, will be from 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. on April 9.
  2. GPSGA will have a call for nominations for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nominations must be received by Monday, April 7.
  3. The NAGPS South Central Regional Conference was held on March 28-30, with the Second Annual Research Competition on Friday, March 28. The poster competition was a success. First, second, and third place monetary prizes were awarded. 
  4. The annual Graduate Part-time Instructor (GPTI) Award ceremony will be on Wednesday, April 16. The ceremony will include induction of GPSGA officers, recognition of the TEACH fellows, and presentation of awards for the Annual Research Competition.

6. A proposed change to the procedure for deferring and readmitting

    graduate students was approved: 

  1. Deferral Policy: If a student wishes to begin graduate school in a semester that is different from the one to which the student was accepted, the student must submit a Deferral/Returning Graduate Student Form to the Office of Graduate Admissions. The Office of Graduate Admissions will e-mail a Change of Initial Entry Date form to the graduate advisor of the appropriate department for a departmental decision. The department must approve all change of entry dates.
  2. Re-Admit Policy: If a student is out one long semester a student must submit a Deferral/Returning Graduate Student form to request to be re-admitted. The Office of Graduate Admissions will e-mail a Request to Re-admit form to the graduate advisor of the appropriate department for a departmental decision. The department must approve all re-admits. 

7. Texas Tech was well represented at the National Black Graduate

    Student Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on March 19-23, 2003.

    Ten representatives, including Jacque Cyrus and Oscar Solis,

    officers of the National Black Graduate Student Association,

    attended the conference. Participation in the conference provides

    excellent means with which to further promote graduate education

    at Texas Tech. Dean Ralph Ferguson presented a workshop

    titled “Student Loan Debt”.

8. Announcements: 

    a. The Master of Science degree with major in Family Financial Planning

        has been changed to a major in Personal Financial Planning.

The meeting adjourned at 4:01 p.m.

The seventh meeting of the 2002-2003 Graduate Council will be held at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, May 1, 2003, in the Provost’s Conference Room, 104 Administration.